Digital Mail in Italy, Europe and non-UE countries (Reg. UE n. 910/2014).

italian Asset Management Company (SGP)

(not towards the public)

We manage company shares in companies with high technological value

KoKFisK SGP s.r.l. manages the shareholdings and/or shares in limited liability or joint stock companies, characterized by “assets” with high technological and innovative value.

KoKFisK promotes, finances and develops research projects aimed at the patenting of new products, methods and systems in the industrial sector.
He currently invests digitally in the postal delivery sector for the phenomenon of «e-Substitution»,
in internet voting solutions «i-Voting»
and in the development of integrated systems in the field of electronic signature “SES” e “AES”.

With love for Italy

for the enhancement, restructuring and safeguarding of the Italian artistic heritage.

Research & Development

KoKFisK supports research and development projects in technological innovation for the enhancement of its portfolio in investee companies. It invests in the following reference sectors.

Investment sectors in:

  • Qualified Registered Electronic Delivery Services
  • Public registers of Digital Domiciles
  • Postal delivery
  • Secure electoral votes via the Internet
  • Electronic signatures integrated into digital delivery processes

Compliance with legal regulations:

  • Regulations (EU) n. 910/2014
  • italian D.P.C.M. 22.02.2013
  • italian D.Lgs. n. 82/2005
  • italian law 24.01.1979, n. 18
  • italian law 03.08.1994, n. 483
  • italian law 27.12.2001, n. 459
  • italian D.P.R. 02.04.2003, n. 104
  • italian law 20.02.2009, n. 10

360 ° system integration

KoKFisK promotes, supports, directs and assists the integration of systems, in investee companies, for the development of digital solutions through a holistic vision of related tools and services, with particular attention to the user experience, in order to facilitate an increasingly conscious use of digital solutions by users.

User assistance services

KoKFisK designs and releases guidelines for subsidiaries for assistance services to be provided to customers and users in general, characterized by a high quality standard in supporting Users and in the ease of access to the assistance channels.

User assistance services are always provided by qualified staff and constantly updated training, provided by Italy in native language and/or in English for international users.


The KoKFisK mission in asset management is pursued in providing high professional level guidance and consultancy services to assist the growth of the investee companies.


Corporate Purpose

KoKFisK pursues the main corporate object, in the form of an enterprise, in the activities of services related to information technology for investee companies (italianATECO code: 62.09.09).


Social solidarity

KoKFisK adheres to the principles of social solidarity, foreseen by the statute, to the philanthropic fund for the “bellezza” of Italy through the enhancement of the Italian public artistic heritage.


Simplicity is not the first goal, but the product of a good idea!

Responsive & Mobile Ready!!! KoKFisK promotes the investee companies the development of digital applications with fully reactive layouts, which can perfectly adapt to various displays and resolutions from normal desktop screens to tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone and small mobile devices.

The User must feel free to use!

Users are increasingly on the move and must be able to use digital services in all their forms on each device.

This is the KoKFisK philosophy that is promoted in the development of new digital solutions in investee companies.

This is the commitment of KoKFisK in supporting and verifying the guidelines issued for the investee companies.



(brand of S.p.A.), first digital postal operator in Italy, has obtained the certificate of conformity for qualified electronic registered delivery services. Qualified electronic delivery services were introduced with EU Regulation no. 910/2014 (eIDAS) as also envisaged by the Italian legislator in the latest changes to the Digital Administration Code.

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