Ethical Code

KoKFisk SGP s.r.l. Ethical Code

+++ Rome – June 2020 +++

The Shareholders’ Meeting of KoKFisK SGP s.r.l. (Asset Management Company) has adopted the new Ethical Code in harmony and in continuity with the ethical code of inPoste.it S.p.A.

Ethical Code of KoKFisK SGP s.r.l. expresses the ethical commitments and responsibilities in the conduct of business and corporate activities undertaken by the collaborators of KoKFisK and of the companies it participates in, whether they are directors or employees in any sense of these companies.

KoKFisK has the mission of “accompany changes, creating bridges for the digitalization of services to citizens”, oriented to the market and to the quality of services, with the aim of creating value for investors, satisfying customers and enhancing all the people who work there.

KoKFisK aspires to maintain and develop the relationship of trust with its stakeholders, that is, with those categories of individuals, groups or institutions whose contribution is required to carry out the mission of KoKFisK or who still have an interest at stake in its pursuit.

Stakeholders are those who make investments connected to the activities of KoKFisK, first of all the Members and, therefore, the collaborators, customers, suppliers and business partners. In a broad sense, stakeholders are also all those individuals or groups, as well as the organizations and institutions that represent them, whose interests are influenced by the direct and indirect effects of the activities of KoKFisK: this includes the local and national communities in which KoKFisK operates, environmental associations, future generations, etc …