2016–to now – Finance & Administration Manager (Internal Audit): S.p.A., Rome (Italy)

Internal control in accordance with eIDAS and SGI (ISO/IEC 27001 and EN/ISO 9001).
Drafting and compilation of documents.
Management of relations with suppliers.
Customer relationship management.
Create, maintain and review invoices, reports, reminders, datasheets, and other documents.
Support staff management and relationship with the Labor Consultant.
Preparation of social documents.
Keeping of company books and accounting records.
Communication with the Public Administration.
Data entry.
Archiving of paper and/or electronic documentation.
Organization of travel, business trips and missions.
Scheduling of meetings and appointments, management of the managerial and organizational agenda.
General and technical secretarial activities, relations with external auditors (Conformity certification bodies).
Changes and financial reporting.
Tax, tax and social security obligations.
Settlement and payment of the economic (fundamental and accessory) treatments and of the related contribution and tax obligations.
Support for the preparation of the budget.
Support for the preparation of other tax returns and technical/administrative management of Electronic Invoicing on the SDI system of the Revenue Agency.
Support for the preparation of the budget and cash flow.
Management of relationship with the Administrative/Tax Consultant.
Coordination of the team of Help Desk.
Coordination for second level (and/or technical) customer assistance.
Claims and refunds management.
Preparation of documents and templates for Help Desk.

–Business or sector: POSTAL

2015-2015 – Tax operations officer: CAF CISL, L’Aquila (Italy)

  • internal management control (audit);
  • receptionist;
  • administrative paperwork management;
  • tax assistance;
  • predisposition “Single Substitute Declaration” for ISEE;
  • preparation of the tax return;
  • ISEEcalculation;
  • IMU and TASI calculation;
  • appointment and agenda management.

–Business or sector: TAX ASSISTANCE SERVICES

2014–2015 – Sales assistant in the textile sector: Balodi by Specchioli Loredana – CARPISA Franchising, L’Aquila (Italy)

  • internal management control (audit);
  • sale of products related to small leather goods, bags, accessories and suitcases;
  • rearrangement of shelves and warehouse;
  • cash management.

-Business or sector: TEXTILE

2014–2014 – Tax operations officer: CAF CISL, L’Aquila (Italy)

  • internal management control (audit);
  • filling in the tax return;
  • ISEE calculation;
  • IMU and TASI calculation.

–Business or sector: TAX ASSISTANCE SERVICES