MISSION of KoKFisK SGP s.r.l.

KoKFisK has the mission of “accompanying changes, creating bridges for the digitization of services to citizens”, oriented towards the market and the quality of services, with the aim of creating value for investors, of satisfying customers and to enhance all the people who work there.


The Company has as its object the exercise, both in the national territory and abroad, in the form of an enterprise of:

  1. acquisition and management of shareholdings – not towards the public – in other companies, companies or entities of any type and with any object, Italian and foreign, meaning, for it, both the typical acquisition activity, holding and management of equity investments, for the purpose of establishing lasting economic links with the investee companies, both the purchase and sale of venture capital investments by way of portfolio investment;
  2. provision of treasury services for the companies in which it participates, in compliance with the limits, the rules and procedures envisaged for carrying out these activities;
  3. planning, organization of strategic and/or operational consultancy for the companies in which it participates and in the companies in which it participates;
  4. provision of financial, commercial, securities and real estate, administrative, accounting and technical consultancy for the companies in which it participates and in the companies in which it participates;
  5. purchase of credits from the companies in which it participates and from the companies in which it participates;
  6. research, development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value;
  7. management and enhancement of registered trademarks and patents all over the world;
  8. economic and commercial exploitation of rights on industrial property rights such as trademarks, patents, “know-how” and technologies;
  9. research, development, management and enhancement of electronic trust services defined in art. 3, Regulation (EU) no. 910/2014 and subsequent amendments;
  10. research, development, management and enhancement of electoral services in digital form;
  11. research, design and development, on its own behalf or in the companies in which it participates and in the companies in which it participates, in technological and organizational innovation;
  12. purchase, sale of trademarks, patents, “know-how /em>” and technologies for industrial use, also through import, export, transit and compensation operations, on licenses of Italian or foreign companies as well as obtaining patents and brands, all over the world, on technologies or services produced in-house or in the companies in which it participates and in the companies in which it participates or financed and/or co-financed by third parties;
  13. production and management of goods or services related to it;
  14. granting of purchase and sale mandates connected or instrumental to the corporate purpose;
  15. purchase and sale of advertising spaces, services and productions on the aforementioned products and services and on the mass media: press, cinema, radio, television, billboards and sponsorships, also with the taking of mandates with and without representation;
  16. agency for the sale of the aforesaid services, including the distribution of advertising leaflets, and excluding postal parcels and mail delivery of all kinds;
  17. all activities to enhance and develop the Company’s networks and related technological infrastructures for the provision of services, including training, research, assistance and consultancy to the public administration, companies and individuals.

The performance of the equity investment management activities includes the possibility of assuming advisory and/or coordination tasks, of monitoring the management profiles, of the organizational system, of the administrative system, as well as the operational mechanisms, towards the investee companies, being able to provide “service” to the same operations instrumental to the development of the “core business” of each.

In addition, the Company may carry out assistance and consultancy activities with reference to the collection process, appraisals and technical consultancy, with the exclusion of any activity reserved by law..

The Company can also provide services in the areas of accounting, administration, finance, human resource management, IT, technical and production organization, programming, development, planning, market research and advertising, corporate domicile, as well as the purchase, sale and rental of goods and services in the electrotechnical, electronic, digital and information technology fields and data processing, their accessories, components and maintenance, towards investee companies.

The Company may also acquire, sell, exchange, lease, sublease real estate and property rights in general.

The Company, in instrumental way to the achievement of the corporate purpose, not primarily and not towards the public, can carry out any commercial, industrial and financial operation.

The realization of the corporate purpose can also be pursued by means of other companies in which the Company can promote the establishment or in which it can acquire shareholdings.

The Company may carry out all the operations deemed necessary or useful for the achievement of the corporate purpose and not towards the public, and for this purpose it may therefore, by way of example, but not limited to, carry out real estate transactions, commercial, industrial, financial and sales of goods and services in any case connected with the corporate purpose, considering in any case excluded the performance of the activities referred to in law n. 1 of 2 January 1991 governing securities brokerage companies and which in any case is not instrumental to the achievement of the corporate purpose or is contrary to the rules referred to in Legislative Decree September 1, 1993 n. 385.

The Company may also carry out any other activity that is connected with a constraint of instrumentality, accessoryity or complementarity with the activities envisaged in the preceding paragraphs.