Claudio Anastasio is the founder of tNotice,  of S.p.A. and of KoKFisK.

2011–to now – Postal Officer: in S.p.A., Rome (Italy)

Design and development of digital postal systems in accordance with Reg. (EU) no. 910/2014 (eIDAS) in Italy and abroad.
Participation in the work of the European Commission and in the intergroup of the Italian Parliament in the field of eIDAS.
Participation in the works and technical tables of the AGCOM regulator.
Consultant for training seminars at the Law Faculty of the Roma TRE University in the field of Information Technology Law.
Technical consultant for foreign governments in relationship with the Italian Ministry of Public Function in the field of communication services and digital home.
External consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding electronic voting for Italians abroad (i-Voting).

–Business or sector: POSTAL

2010–2013 – Co-founder: THE WEEK, Rome (Italy)

  • Giornalista di cronaca d’inchiesta

–Business or sector: MEDIA & PRESS

2006–2012 – CEO (Chief Executive Officer): Chorus S.p.A. – Consortium START – Finmeccanica Group, Rome (Italy)

Significant experience gained in government in military projects in Italy and Libya, institutional and international diplomatic relations with the intelligence services of other foreign countries for the definition of engineering of state border security technologies that have included:

  • risk analysis;
  • national security policies;
  • operational plans and countermeasures;
  • mine clearance plans;
  • functional organization of state security;
  • in-depth knowledge of military and government security;
  • specialist knowledge of security within NATO EU;
  • military security standard in IT application development;
  • drafting policy of military security and territorial border limits.

–Business or sector: AEROSPACE & DEFENSE (Italy-Libya)

2004–2006 – Technical & Vision Director: Auxilium Industry, Rome (Italy)

  • Resource management in IT projects.
  • Research and innovative development activities (R&D).
  • Software development metrics (Function Points – IFPUG standard).
  • Project GANTT (evolutionary).
  • Analysis and engineering of IT security systems.
  • Project Manager on software development projects.

–Business or sector: OIL & GAS – TLC -IT

2003–2006 – Head of Industrial Security: Auxilium Group, Rome (Italy)

  • Experience gained in Romania and Egypt as a consultant specializing in high military technologies for the control of industrial processes, safety & security, and countermeasures to prevent terrorist attacks.
  • Design and development of new technologies and military applications in the thermographic field with U.S.A. and Germany, achieving international records qualified by the Innovation Agency at the Italian Prime Minister’s Office.
  • Investigative/judicial consultant for the use of satellite surveys in international crimes, use of civil and military satellite technologies, data search, contextual analysis and forensic reports and for JP.
  • Collaboration in the functional and engineering redefinition of the national SISPI project for the Ministry of the Interior (Secure and centralized system for wiretapping).

–Business or sector: OIL & GAS – TLC -IT

2003–2003 – System Specialist: Degussa, Ravenna (Italy)

  • Engineering of industrial automation systems with LCD radio link.

–Business or sector: CHEMICAL

2003–2003 – Engineering Project Manager: Invensys System Italia S.p.A., Milan (Italy)

  • Fill Services for brand international Foxboro/SCADA.

–Business or sector: OIL & GAS – TLC -IT

2003–2003 – Consultant: ALKOM Alluminio, Verona (Italy)

  • General purpose new construction engineering with risk classification in potentially explosive areas.

–Business or sector: INDUSTRY

2002–2003 – Project Leader: Invensys System Italia S.p.A., Milan (Italy)

  • Innovation in the design and implementation of Very Large Database ( VLDB ) for SCADA industrial systems and processes.

–Business or sector: OIL & GAS – PHARMACEUTICAL

2002–2003 – Project Leader: Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Rome (Italy)

  • Management and Coordination Help Desk IT service on shift 16 hours on 24 hours (from 06.00 to 22.00) on over 770 users/calls active per day.

–Business or sector: PHARMACEUTICAL

2002–2002 – System Specialist: Radici Chimica, Ravenna (Italy)

  • Development of multiple alarm printing emulation systems in the industrial process.

–Business or sector: CHEMICAL

2002–2002 – System Specialist: Council of State – Administrative Justice, Rome (Italy)

  • IT engineering for AIPA standard protocol.

–Business or sector: e-GOVERNMENT

2001–2002 – Project Manager: api Raffineria di Ancona S.p.A., Falconara M. – Ancona (Italy)

  • IBM project “GERA” (SAP on-process/on-line material balance) for interfacing process data from acquisition of field actuators through distributed DCS systems.

–Business or sector: OIL & GAS

2001–2001 – System Specialist: KLOPMAN S.p.A., Frosinone (Italy)

  • Design, engineering and mechanical development, electronics and actuators for advanced controls of the “Kitchen” for the industrial coloring of fabrics and their finishing.

–Business or sector: TEXTILE INDUSTRY

2001–2001 – System Specialist: ESSO Italia S.p.A., Augusta (Italy)

  • Engineering and development of industrial data interfacing of operating field (actuators and thermocouples) with DCS for the Remote Control Process via satellite through the programming of ground processors with satellites in variable elliptical orbit (and corrective orbit) to back-end in Industrial Control Room in the USA

–Business or sector: OIL & GAS

2001–2001 – System Specialist: AGIP Raffineria, Gela (Italy)

  • Engineering and development of software emulation system for printers of alarms and events of the industrial process of oil refining and blending for fuels (TOPPING).

–Business or sector: OIL & GAS

2000–2001 – Project Manager: APISOI Service ABB S.p.A., Falconara M. – Ancona (Italy)

  • Analysis and Development of IT systems for distributed accounting control, drafting budget of multi-level corporate hierarchy and industrial cost centers.

–Business or sector: OIL & GAS – SERVICES & MAINTENANCE

2000–2001 – Project Leader: api Raffineria di Ancona S.p.A., Falconara M. – Ancona (Italy)

  • Revamping automation of fleet of motorized valves for national tankers loading.

–Business or sector: OIL & GAS

1998–2002 – System Specialist: api Raffineria di Ancona S.p.A., Falconara M. – Ancona (Italy)

  • Design and development of artificial intelligence system with neural networks for the blending refining process on-process/on-line with atomic flow actuators and volumes with dynamic calculation tables (first dynamic intelligent calculation algorithms) of material losses for compensation ACCISE UITF, validated and approved by GDF.
  • Design and development of US-FDA compliant industrial process control system with electronic signatures for tracking of operations in production processes.
  • Forensic expert PTC in the industrial sector for the Marche Regional Technical Committee.
  • Design and development of an excise tax detection system for GD in the infoOil application in the intranet area.
  • Industrial engineering of Control Process systems for Blending and Topping.

–Business or sector: OIL & GAS

1998–1998 – Chief Editor: FISE – Italian Equestrian Sports Federation, Rome (Italy)

  • Sports broadcasting on-lin of the results in real-time WEG via the Internet worldwide.

–Business or sector: WORLD EQUESTRIAN GAME

1992–1995 – Legal internship: Criminal Court of Rome, Rome (Italy)

  • Criminal proceedings investigations and judicial investigations.


1990–1991 – Factory Warranty Officer: AUTOGERMA S.p.A. – Wolkswagen Italia, Verona (Italy)

  • Management of factory “guarantee” practices, R&D and tests on vehicle electronic control units.

–Business or sector: AUTOMOTIVE